Guided Tours

Guided tours on the Camino are becoming increasingly popular.  Sharing this unique experience with a group can be very rewarding.  It is a great opportunity to meet people or travel with a group of people that you already know.  Walking as part of a group is a wonderful bonding experience, allowing you to share the great sense of achievement that comes with walking the Camino and also create special memories together. On our guided tours we arrange all information, transfers, accommodation, luggage transfers and meals, as well as providing you with a knowledgeable bilingual tour guide.  All you need to do is enjoy the walk with your group.

We have been organising guided tours on the Camino de Santiago for 10 years.  If you would like to join a guided trip we have set dates for guided tours from April to October so check out our Camino Guided Tours 2018 for more details.  If you are already walking the Camino and would like to take advantage of  a Day Tour along the route to discover more of a particular town we can also assist with this.

If you are looking to arrange your own guided tour this is something we can help you with.  We specialise in organising guided tours for both charity groups and school groups.  This leaves you as a group organiser free to concentrate on your fundraising for charity and to then enjoy the walk, or if you are a teacher free to simply enjoy the walk with the students.