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  • Packing List for the Camino

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    The items you pack for the Camino will vary depending on the length and difficulty of your chosen route as well as your own personal tastes and requirements. There are, however, a few golden rules you should follow when packing your bag.

    If you ask someone who has done the Camino in the past, their first piece of advice is usually “pack light!” What most Camino walkers find hardest is carrying their luggage on their back all day.

    Luckily if you book your holiday through Follow the Camino, you can use the luggage transfer services so you don’t have to carry your main bag while walking. Our normal baggage allowance is one item, with a maximum of 15kg per person but if you need to add more bags just contact us in advance. Either way, travelling light allows you to really enjoy the adventure.

    Follow the Camino Ultimate Walking Trek Guide Packing List


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    Hiking Boots

    Please ensure that these are broken in before travelling. They are waterproof. They are suitable for walking on all terrain, however they are heavy and may cause unnecessary strain on your feet if the section you are walking doesn’t require you wear them.  


    They are only suitable for walking some of the sections such as Sarria to Santiago (French Way Section 8) and Tui to Santiago (Portuguese Way Section 5). Usually not waterproof.

    Sandals / Flip Flops

    These would be ideal for helping your feet breath after a day of walking. If you plan on exploring the town in the evening try and ensure that your sandals have a thick sole to avoid injury.

    Hiking Trousers

    Try and find a pair that can convert into shorts. Also Chinos are a good choice because they are very quick drying after wet weather.


    When wearing boots it is recommended to wear two pairs of socks. The pair on the inside should have no seams. The inside pair stops the socks rubbing against your feet which causes blisters.



    Leggings / Cycling Shorts

    To help avoid friction that causes chafing. You do not need to wear anything underneath them.


    Bring a selection of light long and short sleeved tops.

    Waterproof Jacket / Trousers


    Evening Outfit

    This can include jeans, dresses and casual outfits. This is usually reserved for wearing in churches or some of the fancier restaurants.

    Luggage / Backpack

    The bag you carry while walking should waterproof and with a bag cover. It should only be about 10% of your body weight. If you are getting luggage transferred between hotels your bag must not exceed 20kg.

    Water Container

    Water can be bought during most sections of the Camino. However it is recommended you carry a bottle with you which can be filled up at drinking fountains along the way.


    These would ideally be of synthetic material.


    Only pack travel size of each. Everything can be bought in Spain.

    Under layer

    Bring body skin warmers depending on the season.

    Polar Fleece

    This would be required if you are walking early in the season (April) or towards the end (late October) as temperatures tend to drop at night.

    Sun Lotion

    This can be bought in Spain. Please ensure if you are travelling with it that you store in your check in luggage.


    These are optional the sun will be at your back for the majority of the day because you are walking west.


    A sun hat is essential to avoid getting your ears sunburnt. A warm hat will keep your ears warm during early starts.

    Pilgrim Passport

    You must have this to receive your Pilgrim Certificate. This needs to be stamped twice a day in hotels, churches or cafes along the route.

    Scallop Shell

    This can be bought along the Camino. 


    This includes books, playing cards, and mobile phones, try and avoid bringing bulky items as this will take up much needed space in your luggage and just add extra weight.

    Walking Poles

    Optional: Try walking with them during preparation. Be careful if you are only bringing a carry-on bag you may need to check them in separately. You can buy them in Spain in one of the many shops selling hiking apparel along the route. They are usually used for sections involving a lot of ascending and descending. They are unnecessary during some of the flat sections.


    There are countless guide books written about the various Caminos in Spain and Portugal. Some recommendations would be those written by John Brierley (A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Camino de Santiago) or Cicerone (The Way of St James).

    First Aid Kit

    This would include blister plasters (Compeed), painkillers, plasters.


    For hanging up clothes after you have washed them.

    Safety Pins / Needle & Thread

    These can help twofold, firstly if you need to repair one of the straps on your bag. It is recommended that the weight from your back is evenly distributed across your back. The other benefit of the needle & thread is for treating blisters. Once you have sterilized the needle you can pass it through the blister.   

    Toilet Paper / Tissue

    This would be to use while on the walk in case of emergency and also in some hostels.

    Hand Sanitizer

    This can be bought in Spain. Please ensure if you are travelling with it that you store in your check in luggage.



    Sleeping Bag / Linen

    A sleeping bag or light sheet would be necessary for hostels but most will provide a blanket.

    Sleeping Mask


    Ear Plugs



    Try and avoid bringing oversized beach towels but instead quick drying synthetic towels which can be bought in hiking stores.

    Head Torch



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