Most Beautiful French Villages on the Camino - Cahors

Most Beautiful French Villages on the Camino - Cahors image

Before walking the Camino, it's good to know a little bit about some of the villages along the pilgrimage routes. In which case, we've decided to tell you about one of the most beautiful French villages on the Camino - Cahors. 

In 800BC the Celts of Cadurci settled in Cahors, strategically situated in a loop of the curvaceous river Lot, surrounded by hills. In the first century AD the Romans marched their legions over the land and planted the first vineyards (Cahors - The Black Wine ). You can still see some of the Roman remains, and the site of the old Roman bridge.

The heyday for this glorious old town was in the 14th century when a local boy named Jacques Dueze, became Pope John XXII and set up his seat at the papal palace in Avignon. It was also under this Pope's powerful influence that architecture flourished. Notably, the city's signature building, the wonderful Pont de Valentré, was built at this time.

Today it is a popular tourist center with people coming to enjoy its medieval quarter, in particular, the Pont de Valentré.

Pont de Valentré
This medieval masterpiece is the city's hallmark and said to be the most photographed sight in France, outside Paris. In the Middle Ages, it was a well-worn part of the pilgrim trail to Santiago de Compostela and is still used for the purpose even today. According to legend, some of the architecture in the 14th-century was built with the aid of the devil½.

The story of the Devil - it took a long time to construct the bridge and the architect began to get a bit impatient, so he enlisted the assistance of the devil, who promised to help, in exchange, for the architect's soul. However as the project neared completion the architect tried to back out of his obligations. The devil, therefore, took his revenge by sitting on the central tower, and as the masons laid the last stone on the final day, the devil removed it at night. It happened over and over again. The devil is still there today, carved in stone and clinging to the tower, so if you cross the bridge, take care

Other sites...
- City Gates and Ramparts
- The Cathedral of Saint Etienne and The Market Place
- Cliffs of Mont Saint Cyr
- The Dueze Palace and the Medieval Streets
- The Secret Gardens

Cahors really is an enchanting old town. With its ancient quarters and medieval bridge, cobbled streets, secret gardens and leafy boulevards, wonderful cafes, restaurants and relaxed street life. It has it all.

The Black Wine of Cahors 
An undiscovered French red wine, revered by Popes and Princes. Why black? Principally because it is almost black, just hold a bottle up to the light and you'll see into its deliciously inky depths. Cahors red wines are reputedly the darkest in the world; they are also some of the strongest and richest and will keep for years...  

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